Altap Salamander 2.52 final

Altap Salamander —
Это маленький, быстрый и
самый удобный двухпанельный файловый менеджер. Имеет уйму полезных
возможностей таких как: просматривать содержимое файлов (тект, html,
более 40 форматов картинок, mp3), поддержка архивов (zip, rar, arj,
cab, tar/gzip, и т.д.). Интуитивный пользовательский интерфейс позволит
легко и быстро привыкнуть к программе, а также будет отличной заменой
стандартному проводнику Windows.

Altap Salamander 2.52 was released on August 31, 2009:

* List of most important changes in Altap Salamander 2.52 since version 2.51:
o New Password Manager with option to protect your passwords with Master Password.
o Up to 7x faster Compare Directories (by content) command for files on the same disk.
o Backward compatibility for 2.5 and 2.51 plugins.
o Panel contents are refreshed even if Salamander’s window is not active.
o Better handling of encrypted files (EFS) and files with alternate data stream (ADS).
o Fixes and improvements related to Fast User Switching and Terminal Services (Remote Desktop).
o Better support for mouse wheel (wheel tilting, new shortcuts).
o New command line parameters.
o New plugin for browsing network (network neighborhood) directly in panel.
o New DiskMap plugin: used disk space analyzer and visualizer.
o New UnCHM plugin: extractor of Microsoft Compiled HTML Help archives.
o FTP plugin: option to encrypt passwords with AES-256 (uses new Password Manager).
o FTP plugin: Support for TLS FTP (also known as FTPS or FTPES with AUTH TLS).
o FTP plugin: Support for ZLIB compression (MODE Z).
o UnISO plugin: Added support for Apple Hierachical File System Plus (HFS+).
o TAR plugin: Added support for Debian packages .DEB.
o File Comparator can compare Unicode files now.
o 7-Zip plugin: updated to 7z 4.65.
o ZIP plugin can create files with size over 4GB.
o WinSCP plugin updated to latest WinSCP version.
o Checksum plugin: SHA1 and SHA256 hashes are supported.
o PictView supports autorotation when viewing JPEGs or digital camera RAW files with EXIF.

Год выпуска: 2009
Сайт производителя:
Developer: Altap
License: в комплекте
OS:Windows All
Category: File managers
Lang: Eng
Размер архива: 7,8 мб