BitComet v.1.15

 Программа для загрузки файлов из сети BitTorrent,
ориентированной на быструю скачку файлов большого размера с такими
полезными опциями, как удобный интерфейс (удобнее стандартной программы
BitTorrent), возможность поиска по нескольким крупным порталам,
автовосстановление загрузки, статистика, поддержка RSS, предварительный
просмотр загружаемого видеофайла. Интерфейс на 43 языках.

Лицензия: Freeware.
Size: 5.8MB
Официальный сайт:

Technology Changes

GUI Improved: task information panel lists change to task information
tabs, support drag & drop and context menu
GUI Improved: redesign "Task Summary" tab
GUI Improved: task "Recommend" page changes to "Start Page" tab
GUI Improved: hide unnecessary task tabs when no task selected or task stopped
GUI Improved: add "Network Setting Wizard" to "Network" page in Option dialog
GUI Improved: improve context menu of status bar, add "port mapping again" and "help"
GUI Improved: add download/upload limit setting to context menu of floating window and system tray icon
GUI Improved: show "ED2K link" in file list of BT task
GUI Improved: highlight the current time block in scheduler setting page
GUI Bugfix: password not cleared when change user name in CometPassport sign in dialog
GUI Bugfix: pieces status and upload speed of emule plugin display incorrectly in peer list
Core Improve: emule plugin upgraded to v0.49c
Core Improve: improve connection algorithm of Long-Time seed for high-speed network
Core Improve: "Start all seeding" from context menu of floating window do not start tasks with file missing
Core Improve: improve DNS query
Core Improve: update task finish time when BT task download finished again after selecting more files to download
Core Bugfix: EVENT_COMPLETE should be sent to tracker only when all
files in BT task downloaded, not only selected (v1.13 and v1.14)
Core Bugfix: connection number too small after some files in BT task finished
Core Bugfix: UPNP modular can not exit normally sometimes
Core Bugfix: task should enter in queue if when started during stopped time of schedule
Core Bugfix: remove port mapping of eMule plugin when program exiting