FreeFileSync 3.15


является Open-Source инструментом сравнения и синхронизации
папок. Он используется для быстрой и легкой настройки операций
синхронизации между двумя папками.
Changelog v3.15

— Overwriting a file as fully transactional operation
— Optimized synchronization speed (non-cached volumes, e.g. memory sticks in particular)
— Volumes can be specified by name: [<volume-name>]<path> (usecase: variable drive letters, RealtimeSync)
— Copy NTFS compressed, encrypted and sparse file attributes
— Copy NTFS compressed and encrypted directory attributes
— Copy NTFS alternate data stream
— Improved performance: CSV export, copy to clipboard, sync log display
— Improved color theme support
— Fixed crash on certain system text colors settings
— Fixed progress numbers for manual deletion
— Allow aborting manual deletion via escape key
— Use relative name for file tooltip
— Automatically redirect arrow keys to main grid
— More tolerant directory creation (operation not supported/wrong parameter)
— More tolerant file move: ignore existing files (user-defined deletion directory)
— Added macro %weekday%

Лицензия: Open Source
7.88 MB
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