Nino Rota — ROMEO & JULIET / O.S.T 1968

Исполнитель: Nino Rota
Леибл: Capitol
Год: 1968
Формат: mp3
Битреит: 256 kbps
Время звучания: 54:49
Размер: 96.5 mb

1.Prologue and Fanfare for the Prince 1:47
2.Romeo 4:04
3.Julier 1:33
4.Feast at the House of Capulet 2:06
5.Did My Heart Love ‘Til Now 3:03
06.The Moresca 2:39
07.What Is A Youth 2:26
08.Their First Meeting 2:47
09.The Balcony 1 [What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks] 2:47
10.The Balcony 2 [Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow] 2:47
11.But This I Pray… Consent To Marry Us Today 3:08
12.Romeo And Juliet Are Wed 1:45
13.The Death Of Mercutio And Tybald 1:05
14.Night’s Candles Are Burnt Out 4:39
15.Adieu 1:51
16.The Likeness Of Death 4:29
17.The Ride From Mantua 2:44
18.The Death Of Romeo [Death… Hath Sucked The Honey Of Thy Breath] 2:01
19.In Capulet’s Tomb [Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet] 2:41
20.The Death Of Juliet [O Happy Dagger] 2:01
21.Epilogue 2:13

Jimmy Fitzpatrick Release Supervisor
John Brabourne Producer
Richard Goodwin Associate Producer
Anthony Havelock-Allan Producer
Reynold da Silva Executive Producer
David Stoner Release Supervisor
Colin Parker Design
David Wishart Liner Notes, Release Supervisor
Franco Zeffirelli Director
Nino Rota Composer, Conductor