Portable NeuView Media Player Professional v6.0.8.0254

NeuView Media Player Professional
отличный медиа плеер, смотрите видео с ещё большим качеством!
Значительное улучшение качества проигрываемой картинки!, уменьшение
шумов. Проигрывание битых/недокаченных/блокированных (другим процессом)
avi-шек (благодаря собственным алгоритмам/движку). Быстрое открытие и
быстрый промежуточный доступ (при поиске в avi) avi-файлов. Субтитры,
многопотоковое видео.

Exclusive Neuview Technologies:
Neuview is different to any other media player, in that it has possibly
the most leading edge technologies available in a software media player
to date. Read about them here ..
Pixelfusion — This is our unique image resampling algorithm, which is
based around resolution enhancement to actually improve the perceived
quality of video. This idea has been overlooked by media player
developers in the past, but due to the consistent increase in computer
processing power, it has become a reality at last..
Advanced playback kernel — We have overcome the normal playback
limitations that are set by DirectShow, by developing a kernel which
abstracts the decoding part of DirectShow, allowing previously
impossible effects such as reverse playback, and true seamless playback
of multiple files, to be performed with ease..
Codec crash recovery — Poorly implemented codecs can cause an access
violation to occur when playing a corrupted or badly formed media file.
We provide a mechanism for quickly recovering playback where the error
‘Ion’ Media Presentation Layer — The standard subsystems used for
displaying video and playing audio in DirectShow (‘VMR’ and ‘Default
DirectSound Device’ filters) have been replaced with our own
proprietary audio and video renderers, to overcome flaws such as video
tearing, problems with multimonitor setups, and audio/video going out
of sync..
Pulldown stabilizer — In conjunction with our own vertical blank
synchronization logic, this ensures the most solid video playback
possible within a multitasking operating system, indistinguishable from
that of dedicated hardware video players. The MS Windows operating
system provides timers which are accurate to 1/1000 of a second at
best, but at a standard monitor refresh rate of 72hz this limited
accuracy can cause video to unnecessarily judder for a total of about
7% of playback time when the monitor beam approaches the top/bottom of
the screen. We provide an automatic mechanism for counteracting this
previously ignored problem.

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