TMPGEnc XPressрусификатор

TMPGEnc XPress —
пакет для работы с видео: конвертирование (включая
перевод на DVD и XDVD — extended DVD), а также изменение и объединение
файлов, разделение видео и аудиопотоков и т.п. Позволяет перевести
любые обычные видеофайлы в DVD-диски. Кодирование фильмов в MPEG1,
впрочем, является не единственной функцией утилиты. Возможна и простая
конвертация форматов, причем если не экспериментировать с bitrate’ами,
то есть шанс проделать все это практически без потери качества. Для
достижения лучшего результата вам будут доступны самые популярные
кодеки включая DivX 6 AVI, QuickTime, MPEG 4-ISO, H.264, DVD-Video,
DVD-VR, HDV запись с камеры и многие другие. Так же, вы сможете
загрузить видео на ваши мобильные устройства: PSP, iPod или PDA,
используя MPEG-4 ISO и H.264 форматы.
AAC 5.1 ch (6 channels) import support. (Importation of an MPEG-2 TS
file containing an AAC stream up to 5.1 channels is now possible.)
In addition, when importing an AAC stream you can manually set the
number of channels in the "Clip properties" stage of the "Clip editor"
Added Multistream selector function in the MPEG file reader.
You now have the possibility to select a specific video and audio
stream when the MPEG-1/2 source file contains several video and audio
Added Support of the Microsoft TV recorder file format "WTV".
(WTV file importation is possible on the computer that recorded the file, or can create such files, and are not copy-protected.)
Improved MP4/AVCHD File Reader updated.
Should allow the importation of files that could not be previously imported, and solve the playback speed issue.
Improved YUV color space information contained in the source file is
now taken in account when imported through the MP4/AVCHD File Reader.
If no color space information is available, the BT.709 or SMPTE 170M
color space is automatically selected according to the pixel rate.
Improved When outputting an MPEG-4 file, the YUV color space is
selected according to the resolution and framerate, the color space is
then converted to the selection before the encoding stage.
Improved When the Batch encode tool fails to retreive the automatically
saved batch list it now displays an error message, erases the batch
list and resets.
Improved Following a silence, the audio uniformization filter could
highly increase the volume, resulting in an explosion-like effect. The
improved filter reduces the occurence of such an issue.
Fixed An audio gap would appear when continuing to import a file through the DirectShow reader without seeking it.
Fixed The DirectShow Reader audio management has been adjusted, allowing the DivX Reader to correctly get the audio.
Fixed AAC decoding now resumes instead of stopping after some corrupted data has been encountered.
Fixed Some flawed header or trailer MPEG files are now importable through the MPEG File Reader.
Fixed The Windows Media Audio file output does not allow the registration of unexpected file extensions anymore.
Fixed The DivX file output basic mode would always set the level to Medium even when Low or High was selected.
Fixed In the DivX file output, reducing the profile would display a wrong framerate in the window.
Fixed In the DivX file output, it was possible to select a non-standard MP3 bitrate.
Fixed The Batch encode tool would sometimes display an error message when started, and not display it when restarted.
Fixed The WAVE file output advanced mode would note .1 ch even when no .1 ch was selected.
Fixed The Smart sharpness filter picture edge processing is stricter, reducing the occurence of possible problems.
Fixed The seek bar motion is now smoother in the Preview display
window, or when disabling the thumbnail display in the Clip cut-edit
Fixed Other minor fixes.

*Конвертирование файлов Windows Media Center .WTV
*Импорт MPEG-2 TS AAC 5.1 Channel
*Конвертация в формат DivX HD

OC: 2000 / XP SP2 / Vista / Vista SP1 / Vista SP2 / Windows 7
Интерфейс: English + русификатор
Размер: 33.9 Mb



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