USB Safely Remove

USB Safely Remove —

это удобная и надежная замена
стандартного Безопасного извлечения устройств. Программа содержит массу
функций для комфортной и приятной работы с hotplug устройствами (USB,
SATA, FireWire).

Что нового в USB Safely Remove
This version contains only critical fixes of beta 5 bugs and updated language
— On some configurations the program often displayed an error and hung on restart
— Unneccessary devices were displayed
— The program didn’t allow to deactivate a device in Windows Device Manager
+ Korean language has been added
* Updated languages:
Albanian, Chinese-Simplified, Estonian, German, Italian, Lithuanian,
Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian, Slovenian.

New features (!)
+ Ability to return just stopped devices back!
+ Can stop SATA or Firewire drives which doesn’t support authentic "safe
removal" feature
+ Processes searching speed is now many times faster!
+ Ability to specify manually if a device is card reader
+ Multi monitor support
+ Ability to close files opened by locking processes rather than killing
+ Some interface improvements
+ Vietnamese language has been added

— Some types of devices like PCMCIA couldn’t be stopped!
— BSoD occured on some systems while program is searching for locking
— Windows 2000 support restored (however some functions are disabled)
— Couldn’t mount a device to a folder that contains spaces in the name
— Minor bug-fix

Интерфейс: Русский
Размер: 2.82 MB